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Fuel Drainage


GRS Recovery provides our clients with a professional fuel drainage service. It sometimes happens that the wrong fuel is put into a vehicle.
For example when diesel is introduced to a petrol engine or if petrol is introduced to a diesel engine this erroneous fuel introduction can cause serious damage to the vehicle's engine.
The wrong fuel being introduced to a vehicle often occurs at filling stations. Our state of the art fuel drainage machinery is available to come to filling stations all over Limerick and Cork and can safely and professionally remove all fuel from the engine; minimising the possibility of damage to the client's vehicle.

If the wrong fuel has been introduced to your vehicle. Get in contact with GRS Recovery now.

Our Fuel Drainage System

Our team of fuel drainage experts are available to advise clients on how best to save their vehicle from being damaged due to the wrong fuel being introduced to the engine. We only provide our fuel drainage service when it’s in the best interests of the vehicle. Our team are available to advise clients on their options when a full fuel drainage solution is no longer an option.

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