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Vehicle Hire


GRS Recovery provides clients with a range of vehicles for hire. All our vehicles are maintained to the highest of professional standards.
From cars for the city commuter, to light industrial vehicles for the sole trader, GRS Recovery makes sure that while your vehicle is being repaired you aren’t left without transportation.
We offer our clients extremely competitive vehicle hire rates, which have made us a favourite with individuals and sole traders alike.

For more information on the range of vehicles we have for hire, get in contact with GRS Recovery today.

Our Light Industrial Vehicle Hire

We provide a full range of light industrial vehicles for hire. A car accident for a sole trader can result in significant loss of earnings if the trader is dependent on his vehicle.
GRS Recovery provides sole traders with a range of small and large vans for hire.
The quality of our vans and light commercial vehicles for hire has made us a favourite with the Limerick and Clare business communities. Our competitive and affordable pricing plans ensure that after an accident, a sole trader won’t suffer any loss of earnings while their vehicle is being repaired.

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